New bag and waiting time

_, originally uploaded by Dan Burbridge.

Click the links over to the right of the page to see more details of some of the latest bags from Levrier. This is one in Grey cordura with red webbing and edging with the front loops adjusted to allow the fitting of a Kryptonite Fahgeddaboudit lock to the front for easy access as requested.

Things are pretty busy at the moment and I expect them to get busier if the sun keeps shining, so unfortunately that means that the wait time for a bag is now around 5 weeks. This ensures that I can get stock of the necessary items to produce the bag – as I only keep a small amount in stock at any one time.

If you are still desperate for a bag, keep an eye on the site as I hope to be adding some stock bags for immediate purchase.

More tweaks

I should add that the Greyhound bag (and Deerhound) have had a few further tweaks following the feedback and testing from the cycleshow these include:

# triglides to stop the bottom compression straps coming loose when just the velcro is used to close the bag.
# quick releases on the compression straps, suspension straps and stabiling strap
# adjustable main buckle position
# sternum slider style stabilising strap adjusters – 3 (2 on the main strap, 1 on the rib strap) – enabling you to tailor where the buckle connects – also allowing should you have an x-strap to have offset xstrap and stabilising strap connects.
# triglides for adjusting the suspension strap take off points
# webbing keepers for all webbing/straps

I will at some point get round to taking some detailed pictures etc of all of these… 🙂


So, after the Cycleshow is all done and dusted I have had some great feedback.
I have chosen to implement a few of these ideas straight off:

1st no charge for right shouldered bags any more – I did it originally because I thought it would be more work but after making a few bags right shouldered I have realised that it makes no real difference – so I shouldn’t be charging extra.

2nd Some people have mentioned that if you have the bag overfilled you can struggle to get the flap secured – with that in mind I am offering a set of strap extenders – basically straps with a male and female buckle on each end that attach to the main straps and extend them – this should allow you to secure extra-large loads. They will cost £5 for a pair.

Levrier bags designs are pretty fluid, as I am constantly coming up with different and hopefully better ways of doing things, these little tweaks (which are often invisible on the finished bag) are added without much ceremony but all help to build a better bag.
Finally – if you have any suggestions about how to make a better bag, then by all means let me know and I will trial them out 🙂

2 Bags – 1 Greyhound and 1 Deerhound

Just finished 2 more interesting bags – one black and red greyhound with twin pockets, reflective strip and x-strap and one new bigger bag – much the same layout as a greyhound but with an x-strap and just a bit bigger 🙂

Greyhound vs Deerhound

This is approximately 55 litres to the Greyhounds 35 – although the overall outer dimensions don’t look that much different, the scaling of width, height and depth increases the capacity quite considerably.

Side on

The Deerhound starts at £175 (as shown above) – its worth noting that this includes the x-strap, as I feel a bag this size is always going to need one.

Plenty more pics on the flickr link on the left for you.

New logo patches


Just arrived this morning some 30x80mm patches – really pleased how well they have come out


If you have sent me a mail to bags(at) in the last 30mins or so and got a bounce back/non delivery report then just resend it – I was just building a new email server and the DNS records took a little longer to update than I hoped. All appears to be working fine now though 🙂

Latest bag and More pics

Here are some shots of a bag in action – modelled by Rachel and some static shots of a bag that is out for review at the moment.





Updated greyhound

I have been updating the design for the greyhound bag to make it a little more versatile, the most obvious addition being the extra webbing on the flap – there are bartacks (stitches) every 42mm along the webbing – this allows all manner of things to be attached to the bag – pouches/extra straps/carabiners etc, great for items that are too big and bulky to fit inside (like wheels/frames) or for items you want quick access to – d-lock pouches etc.

The padded back is now also stitched so that it curves better around your back, along with a slight adjustment to the straps which sit the bag a little more upright – this makes it more comfortable than ever!

Some shots below (shown with the optional x-strap fittings btw) – more to come once I process the film they are on 🙂

new Greyhound

New Greyhound back

In progress

In progress, originally uploaded by Dan Burbridge.

In progress

Greyhound (large messenger) only £100 until 25th July

yup, thats right, until the Sunday the 25th July you can order a standard Greyhound messenger bag for only £100 (any extras priced as per the list on the bags page linked above)

email to get your order in quick.